Educational Trainings

Become trained in the initiatives we are pushing towards!

Mental Health First Aid

Become mental health first aid certified so you can be part of the movement in knowing the warning signs of an at task youth and then take action.

Find a class by pressing "Sing Up!" below. While there you can look at their website to learn ways in which you can raise awareness for mental health first aid.

Question Persuade Refer (QPR)

Become a trained gatekeeper to help protect those around you from suicide. QPR is a research based program used across the country in training the general public as well as professionals on how to ask the tough questions, persuade someone to seek help and then know where to turn to refer someone for help. Press "Sign Up!" to take the course and join the nationwide team of gatekeepers!

Restorative Practice

Get trained in restorative practice to help create an environment that is more caring and cognizant of thoughts and emotions. Learn more and get trained by pressing "Sign Up!" below.


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