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Owen Ross


Owen Ross is the President and founder of the Every Student Initiative. He is a junior at Portsmouth High School, he is sixteen. He enjoys watching basketball and football. He looks up to his grandfather for inspiration. One strange thing about Owen is that he eats burgers without the bun. Owen created ESI because he seems just how serious of an issues suicide is in our society. He believes that big changes need to occur and that the voice of the youth is powerful in making this happen.


Angel Duclos

Vice President

Angel is the Vice President for ESI. He is sixteen years old and a junior at PHS, where he is a dedicated student and athlete. His favorite class is English, and he loves all Quentin Tarantino movies. Angel can only sleep when there is a fan on. He joined ESI because he wants to see change that will eliminate the occurrences of teen suicide.


Henry Gibson

Development Coordinator

Henry is the Development Director for the Every Student Initiative. He is sixteen years old and is also a junior at Portsmouth High School. He plays both football and baseball at the school. When he isn’t at school or sports he likes to spend times with his friends. Most of his friends and classmates call him Gibby. He joined the group because he doesn’t want anyone else to have to go trough what he and his friends have gone through.


Stevie Alix III

Community Outreach Coordinator

Stevie is the Community Outreach Coordinator. He is sixteen years old and a junior at PHS. When Stevie is not participating in the group he is playing video games, hanging out with friends and playing football. His favorite food is friend shrimp and his inspiration is Russ. He is in ESI because he has lost multiple friends and family members to suicide and he knows things need to change.


Eric Federico

Assistant Community Outreach Coordinator

Eric is the Assistant Community Outreach Coordinator for ESI. He is sixteen years old and attends Portsmouth High School where he is a junior. He loves football and basketball, both of which he plays. Someone he looks up to is LeBron James and his favorite food to eat is steak. His inspiration for being in this group is to make a difference for others so nobody ever feels alone or hopeless through the tough years of life.


Connor Perry

Communications Coordinator

Connor is the Communications Coordinator for the group. He is a sixteen year old junior at Portsmouth High, where he is also the Vice President for his class. He enjoys playing football, basketball and lacrosse for this school. In his free time he enjoys coaching youth football and basketball teams that his little brother is a player on. His role model in life is Tom Brady because he was a true underdog but after hard work he is now the best of the best. Connor is part of the group because of the pain he feels from the loss of his best friend, he believes changes need to happen.


Lucas Noreau

Director of Policy

Lucas is the Director of Policy for ESI. He is a sixteen year old junior at the Portsmouth High School. He likes to hang with his friends and play sports in his spare time. His inspiration is Mr. Bruno, the father of his lost friend, and his hero is his grandfather. Something quirky about Lucas is that his hates burritos. Lucas helped in creating ESI because he recognizes the importance of social emotional support in the school and community. He wants to make a change so what happened with his friend will never happen again.


Tyree Evans

Co-Project Manager

Tyree is the Co-Program Manager for the group. He is a sixteen year old junior at Portsmouth High. He likes to play sports and hangout with his friends in his spare time. Tyree’s inspiration is Wiz Khalifa. People know him well from his loud and contagious laugh. He is a part of ESI because he wants to make a change for the better so no one ever has to go through what his friend went through.


Simon Roy

Co-Project Manager

Simon is a junior at the Portsmouth High School, where he plays football, basketball and baseball. He enjoys hanging out with friends in his downtime. He joined ESI because he never wants to see a case similar to Nathans and he believes this group can help to accomplish that.


Jack Imperatore

Vermont Group Coordinator

John Imparatore II is the Vermont Group Coordinator. He is seventeen years old and is a senior at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester Vermont. He plans on attending college in Rhode Island. John is more commonly known as Jack among his friends, and he loves pasta. Jack likes to play tuba and snowboard. He joined ESI to help inform people on the overlooked and growing issue of suicide and how to prevent it.


Collin Cord

Student Outreach Coordinator

Collin is the Student Outreach Coordinator for ESI, he is a sixteen year old junior at Portsmouth High School. Collin is an active person that enjoys playing baseball, talking to people and having fun with friends. His inspiration is Bill Gates and his favorite movie is Superbad. He only eats rainbow sprinkles, no chocolate.
Collin is a part of ESI because he wants to make a difference so that no other groups like this have to be formed in the future.


Liam Griffiths

Assistant Student Outreach Coordinator

Liam Griffiths is the Assistant Student Outreach Coordinator. He is sixteen years old and a junior at Portsmouth High School. He is a two-sport athlete playing hockey and baseball for his school and other leagues. Other than sports he loves to spend time with his friends and family. One person who greatly inspires Liam is Tom Brady. Liam’s friends call him Griff. He is eager for change so that the upcoming youth don’t have to experience what he and his friends have been through.


Mark Gurney Jr.

Director of Student Recruitment

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Noah Goldman

Director of Digital Production

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Program Staff

Steven E Peterson, MSW

Program Director

Steven graduated from the Portsmouth High School in 2014. He then attended Salve Regina University where he received his BSSW in 2018. He is currently an MSW student at Fordham University. Peterson's specialty is in adolescent and children counseling, nonprofit management and suicide. He is the acting executive director of Be Great For Nate Inc. In his role as the program director of ESI he oversees and helps to guide and facilitate the members of ESI in their missions.

Dylan Blake

Program Assistant


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