Committed to helping protect the future generations.

About Us

Founded by a team of sophomore high school students in 2018, after the unexpected passing of our close friend. As a group we started out wanting a memorial to honor our friend, now we have turned to an overall effort to review, revise and create programs that will increase the amount of social emotional support that is provided to teens in their schools, and in their communities. We believe the cornerstone to creating the next generation of innovative members of society is by creating a system in which thoughts and emotions are shared, and teamwork is a priority.


Our Mission

At the Every Student Initiative (ESI), we aim to ensure that teens are properly supported within their schools and communities. We envision a world where no teen every feels like they are alone. ESI works with school districts, community organizations and legislatures to improve the support systems for teens. The voice of the youth is powerful and we look to take full advantage in that.


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